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If you are a defense contractor you are required by DoD regulations to create an insider threat program by November 30, 2016. Are you compliant? Where do you start? What resources are required to create a compliant program? What are the components of a compliant program? 

This course will prepare your Insider Threat Program Senior Official and Facility Security Officer with the knowledge and resources to achieve compliance with NISPOM and DSS ISL-2016-02 - Insider Threat Program Requirements.

This course is the #1 NISPOM training course on the market. It has been taught to over 500 companies and has been recognized as the standard in NISPOM insider threat program development training. Some recent attendee reviews: 

​“Absolutely phenomenal class and materials.”

“Literally everything needed to build an Insider Threat Program. The best training course I have attended.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to other security professionals. Hands down the best. The information is the best I have ever seen. You did a splendid job of sharing this information. The best security training course bar none.”

“The training cleared up a lot of ambiguity. I do not feel as overwhelmed about the NISPOM Insider Threat Program requirements, as I did before I came to the class. Excellent organization of contents. I would definitely recommend to other security professionals.” 

What you will learn:

* How to develop, implement and manage a compliant insider threat program per NISPOM/DSS ISL-2016-02 - insider threat program requirements (step by step A-Z)
* How to develop an insider threat program implementation plan (DSS requirement - template supplied - mapped to NISPOM, DSS ISL-2016-02, DSS Self-Inspection Guide)
* The importance of creating insider threat program NDA's, rules of behavior (template supplied)
* How to create an insider threat risk management framework/insider threat program working group-HUB (stakeholders)
* The importance of  establishing MOU-MOA for sharing of information between insider threat program stakeholders  (template supplied)
* The behavioral indicators of concern to an insider threat program (witting, unwitting)
* The essential data sources that will support an insider threat program (data collection and analysis, technical, non-technical) the technical/non-technical threats that can be utilized by insiders for malicious purposes

Who should attend:

FSO's, security managers, and business executives responsible for implementing the NISPOM requirements by November 30, 2016.

What you receive:

- ITP Senior Official Appointment Letter
- Insider Threat Program Implementation Plan Template
- Insider Threat Program Implementation POA&M Report
- Insider Threat Program MOU-MOA For Sharing Of Information Between Stakeholders
- Insider Threat Program NDA-Code of Conduct Agreement
- Insider Threat-Counterintelligence Awareness Briefing
- Insider Threat Posters
- Insider Threat Program Senior Official Certificate

- Access to the NISPOM Insider Threat Program Development recorded webinar for 30 days

- Lifetime access to ITTA's robust Resource Library

- Free 30-minute consultation with an ITTA NISPOM subject-matter expert

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       Jim Henderson

       Shawn M. Thompson

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