Ensuring a Trusted Workforce

Intro to Insider 
Threat Law

Interactive Virtual

Price: ​$149
Length: 1-hour Webinar
Audio: Computer (VOIP)
Credit: 1-CPE plus certificate
Track: Insider Threat Investigator Certificate, Required
Core Competency: Insider Risk Governance
Related Competency: Mitigate Risks

​​This interactive and practical Webinar will explore the legal framework that applies to managing insider threats. Learn the applicable laws and regulations and how they apply to managing insider threats. This Webinar helps you gain confidence and expertise in dealing with risks posed by trusted insiders. You’ll gain a working knowledge and understanding of how to balance the protection of employee privacy with the protection interests of your organization.

What you will learn:

Laws and Regulations. Define the legal and regulatory framework.
Privacy. Learn which privacy rights employees retain while at work and how to maintain them as you apply risk management controls.
Controls. Understand the limitations of certain insider threat controls and mitigation strategies and how best to implement them.
Best Practices. Acquire the knowledge to effectively apply your insider threat program or controls in a legally defensible manner consistent with both privacy and protection.  

Who should attend:

This training is designed for anyone involved in the development, oversight, or operation of an insider threat or risk management program including: executives, HR and legal departments, CISOs, security managers, and practitioners.

What you receive:

* Insider Threat Law Cheat Sheet (laws, regulations, pitfalls, practice pointers, best practices, and more!)
* Lifetime access to the Insider Threat Training Academy’s robust Resource Library
* Access to the Intro to Insider Threat Law recorded webinar for 1 year
* Personal Q&A session after the webinar with the instructor

At the end of this webinar you will:

- Understand the parameters of “insider threat law” and why it is important
- Understand the laws and regulations that apply to insider threat prevention, detection, and mitigation
- Understand the legal pitfalls and how to avoid them
- Understand the best practices for complying with legal and regulatory mandates
- Gain a solid grounding of the primary legal considerations that you must account for when managing insider threats
- Understand what privacy means in the employment context and how to maintain it while protecting corporate assets