Employers need to make informed hiring and retention decisions to protect their employees and organizations. This course will teach employers how to legally obtain background checks and conduct continuous evaluations while instructing how employers can use the information they discover. This course uses real-world cases and interactions to teach employers when and how they can check an insiders’ background, credit, criminal, or publicly available records. It describes the rules for different kinds of background checks and tells employers how they can use the information they discover and how they must store and safeguard this information.

What you will learn:

Rules. Define the rules that apply to conducting background checks and continuous evaluations.
Sources. Learn the myriad sources of information that can be lawfully reviewed and checked to support employee vetting and how to properly use this information.
Providers. Understand the ecosystem of vetting providers and how to incorporate them into your business processes.  
Best Practices. Acquire the knowledge to effectively vet your insiders while protecting employee privacy.  

Who should attend:

This training is designed for HR, legal, and security practitioners involved with the hiring, processing, and management of employees.

What you receive:

* Insider Vetting Cheat Sheet (sources, providers, laws, regulations, pitfalls, best practices, and more!)
* Lifetime access to the Insider Threat Training Academy’s robust Resource Library
* Access to the Insider Vetting recorded webinar for 30 days
* Personal Q&A session after the webinar with the instructor


At the end of this webinar you will:

- Understand the parameters of conducting background checks
- Know the rules pertaining to continuous evaluations
- Understand technological solutions and how to apply them
- Know the universe of legally available data sources and how to use them
- Be able to avoid costly litigation and fines by developing compliant policies and procedures
- Understand the role of service providers
- Learn how to incorporate sound vetting into your corporate security or insider threat program

Insider Vetting

Interactive Virtual


Price: ​$149

Length: 1-hour (Webinar)

Audio: Computer (VOIP)

Credits: 1-CPE plus certificate

Track: Elective

Core Competencies: Know Your People

Related Competencies: Obtain Visibility

Ensuring a Trusted Workforce