​​​​​​This interactive and practical Webinar will teach you the basics of managing insider threats. Have you been tasked with creating an insider threat program? Have you recently experienced an insider threat incident? Do you want to know how and where to start? This course will provide you the necessary tools for building a solid foundation for managing insider threats.  

What you will learn:

Impact. Learn the level of impact insider threat activities have on business operations and value. Why do we need to manage insider threats?
Framework. Explore the existing Insider Threat Management framework. What are the requirements, equities, foundations, incentives for managing insider threats?
Principles. Discuss the principles of Insider Threat Management. What does it mean to manage insider threats? Who needs to manage insider threats? How does an organization begin to manage insider threats?

Objectives. Fully analyze Insider Threat Management objectives and how they form the foundation of an effective program. What are the goals of Insider Threat Management and how do they align with general business objectives? 

Who should attend

This training is designed for anyone involved in the development, oversight, or operation of an insider threat or risk management program including: executives, HR and legal departments, CISOs, security managers, and practitioners.

What you receive:

* Insider Threat Management 101 Cheat Sheet (requirements, incentives, workflows, objectives, and more!)
* Free 30-minute consultation

At the end of this webinar you will:

- Understand the impacts that insider threats have on businesses

- Understand the importance of formally managing insider threats

- Understand the different insider threat program requirements

- Understand how to manage insider threats
- Understand the objectives of an insider threat program
- Understand and appreciate the incentives for managing insider threats and be able to
communicate them to decision-makers

Insider Threat

Management 101

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Price: ​$199

Length: 1-hour Webinar

Audio: Computer (VOIP)

Credits: 1-CPE plus certificate

​Track: Insider Threat Program Manager Certificate, Required course
Core Competencies: Insider Risk Governance
Related competencies:  Know Your People

Ensuring a Trusted Workforce

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