​This interactive and practical seminar combines a comprehensive overview of how to manage insider threats and the legal considerations and implications of executing an insider threat program.  Learn how to initiate, develop, and implement a legally defensible insider threat program. This one-day seminar helps you gain confidence and expertise in managing risks posed by trusted insiders. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the ten insider threat program components and the legal considerations affecting each.  


* Learn how to protect corporate assets and individual privacy
* Know what constitutes an “insider threat program” and how to create it with ITMG’s detailed 11-step process
* Avoid costly litigation and fines
* Develop legally compliant policies
* Confidently manage insider risks
* Receive Practice Guides for each of the 10 components—charts, checklists, templates, best practices, legal considerations, and more!

Who should attend

This training is designed for anyone involved in the development, oversight, or operation of an insider threat program including: executives, HR and legal departments, CISOs,       security managers, and practitioners.

This seminar will teach you teach you all you need to know regarding managing insider risk in a legally defensible manner through the detailed discussion, experience driven, and materially supported objectives below:

Insider Threat Law

Framework.Explore the statutory and regulatory parameters affecting the creation and implementation of insider threat programs.
Insider Vetting. Delve into the boundaries and best practices of ensuring the trustworthiness of your insider network.
Insider Monitoring. Examine the world of employee monitoring and how to apply it in a legally defensible manner.
Insider Investigations. Review procedures and best practices for ensuring thorough and evidence preserving inquiries.
Insider Mitigation. Discuss procedures for managing insider threats including criminal, civil, administrative, and internal actions.

Insider Risk Management

Components. Define insider threat program components, initial and full operating capabilities, and supporting objectives.
Initiate. Learn how to baseline your existing security and cyber capabilities and how to develop the necessary foundation.
Develop. Understand how to create insider threat components and how to align them with applicable business objectives using a risk-based approach.
Implement. Acquire the knowledge to operationalize your insider threat program in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. 





                                     Mr. Thompson is a noted author,                                              speaker, and the Founder and                                                  Director of the Insider Threat                                                    Training Academy and the                                                        Founder and President of the                                                    Insider Threat Management                                                      Group, LLC, which provides training                                           and strategic insider risk                                                           management advisory services to the public and private sector. He possesses over 15 years’ experience training, investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider threats and is widely sought-after for his unique expertise. He is a former federal prosecutor and senior government official who held executive positions with several agencies including the FBI, DoD, and DNI. He is a pioneer in the field of insider risk management, serving as a frequent guest speaker and thought leader on a variety of security topics. Mr. Thompson serves as a trusted advisor for the highest levels of government and private sector C-suite and Board of Directors alike. He is a member of the Maryland Bar.

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About the Instructor

​Shawn M. Thompson, Esq.