Insider Threat


Interactive Virtual


Price: ​$169
Length: 1-hour Webinar
Audio: Computer (VOIP)
Credits: 1-hour CPE plus course certificate
Track: Insider Threat Analyst Certificate, Required course
Core Competencies: Know Your People
Related competencies: Insider Risk Governance

Ensuring a Trusted Workforce

This interactive and practical online webinar will explore the insider threat problem. Do you want learn the degree to which insider threats can impact business equities? Do you want to learn the types of insider threats? Do you want to explore how prevalent insider threats are today? Do you want to acquire knowledge and information on insider threats that you can use to support your insider threat program and next business case? This workshop is for you!

​What you will learn:

Definition. Learn the components and parameters of insider “threat.”
Scope. Learn how insider threats compare to external threats and the differences in the degrees of harm caused.
Types. Explore the different types of insider threats and how this model can be used to better understand business harm.
Research. Review current statistics and research pertaining to insider threats to understand the prevalence and impacts of such threats.
Case studies.Examine current insider threat cases to fully highlight the scope, type, and prevalence of insider threats.  

Who should attend:

This training is perfect for security practitioners and managers who need to build a business case to support the allocation of limited resources. This is also a great course for individuals new to insider threat and those seeking to understand the nature and scope of the problem itself.

What you receive:

* Insider Threat Business Case Cheat Sheet (all the stats, use cases, etc. you need to win support

  for your insider threat program objectives)
* Free 30-minute consultation

At the end of this webinar you will:

- Understand what makes an insider a “threat”
- Understand the difference between internal and external threats (characteristics, modus operandi 
and impacts)

- Understand the different types of inside threats and why it matters
- Understand how prevalent insider threats are and the empirical data that supports it
- Understand how insider threats cause damage by exploring real-world examples
- Be in a better position to argue for resources by making a more specific and fact driven business 
case supported by empirical data ​