​This interactive and practical Workshop combines a comprehensive overview of how to manage insider threats and the practical implications of executing an insider threat program. Learn how to initiate, develop, and implement a comprehensive insider threat and risk management program. This Workshop helps you gain confidence and expertise in managing risks posed by trusted insiders. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the ten insider threat program components and practical knowledge for developing and implementing each. 

What you will learn: 

Components. Define insider threat program components, initial and full operating capabilities, and supporting objectives.
Initiate. Learn how to baseline your existing security and cyber capabilities and how to develop the necessary foundation.
Develop. Understand how to create insider threat components and how to align them with applicable business objectives using a risk-based approach.
Implement. Acquire the knowledge to operationalize your insider threat program in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Who should attend:

This training is designed for anyone involved in the development, oversight, or operation of an insider threat or risk management program including: executives, HR and legal departments, CISOs, security managers, and practitioners.

What you receive

* Insider Risk Management Practice Guide (forms, workflows, checklists, templates, regulations, pitfalls, best practices, and more!)
* Copy of ebook Insider Threat Program - Your 90-Day Plan
* Lifetime access to the Insider Threat Training Academy’s robust Resource Library
* Access to the Insider Risk Management recorded webinar for 30 days
* Personal Q&A session after the workshop with the instructor
* Free 30-minute consultation with an Insider Threat Training Academy certified expert

At the end of this workshop you will:

- Know what constitutes an “insider threat program” and how to create it with a proprietary and detailed 11-step process
- Learn the objectives of an insider threat program and how to align the with your corporate objectives and business processes
- Learn how to protect corporate assets in an efficient and cost effective manner
- Avoid costly litigation and fines and develop compliant policies and procedures
- Confidently manage insider risks

Insider Risk


Interactive Virtual

Price: ​$349
Length: 3-hour Workshop
Audio: Computer (VOIP)

Credits: 3-CPE credits, plus certificate

Track: Insider Threat Program Manager, Required

Core Competencies: Insider Risk Governance
Related Competencies: Obtain Visibility

Ensuring a Trusted Workforce