Ensuring a Trusted Workforce

                                               Mr. Friedlander co-founded ObservelT in                                                2006 with the singular goal of mitigating                                                  the growing risk of user-based threats                                                    for Security Officers, ClOs and IT                                                            managers. Since then, he has built                                                        ObservelT into the leading Insider Threat                                                Management Solution. He has expertise                                                in IT security and databases. 
Mr. Friedlander spends most of his days working with customers, helping them understand the growing risk of User-based Threats and how to mitigate them. When not working with customers, he is driving product direction and the future vision of the company. Mr. Friedlander is a frequent speaker on the topic of IT Security and Risk, and has presented throughout the world in more than 25 countries. Type your paragraph here.

Gabriel Friedlander