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All of our online training courses can be tailored to meet your specific training needs and requirements!

Whiteboarding Sessions

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Executive Coaching

Our seminars are highly sought after for the scope and breadth of their content and the expertise that we bring to the engagement. Our instructors are highly experienced trainers and practitioners, which gives them a unique perspective and instant credibility with the audience. We'll tailor a program for your specific needs whether it be general insider risk awareness training or something more operational. We've got you covered! 


We offer flexible and convenient delivery models to accommodate all your insider threat training needs. We offer onsite, online, and on-demand (coming soon) training programs. 

Competency Areas

* Insider Threat Program Development

* Insider Threat Awareness

* Insider Risk Management

* Behavioral Indicators

* Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

* Insider Threat Law

​* Insider Threat Solutions

Our Executive Coaching engagements are intensive, small group discussions tailored for your insider risk management stakeholders. These engagements are a tremendous learning format and allow your executives to obtain programmatic guidance on managing insider risks - prevention, detection, and mitigation. 

Our Whiteboarding Sessions are intensive, one half or one full day discussions custom-designed to the needs of the customer in order to respond to the specific issues and objectives that have been raised by the CEO, members of the senior management team, board members or investors.