Shawn M. Thompson, Esq.

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Insider Threat Law, Risk Management, Program Development


About Us

Gaby Friedlander

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: User Activity Monitoring, UEBA, Insider Threat Solutions


Our singular goal is to help businesses effectively manage insider risk. We offer courses to improve employee awareness, comply with regulations, improve security posture, and foster employee engagement. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Our Trainers

Our Strength

Ensuring a Trusted Workforce

Our Experience

Our trainers are experienced insider threat practitioners who collectively possess decades of real-world insider threat management experience.              

Our Courses

We've created unique and one-of-a-kind insider threat courses that you will not find anywhere else. 

Our Vision

Jim Henderson

Years of experience: 18

Expertise: NISPOM, TTPs


Our Purpose

Our goal is to improve your business's security posture by providing training to bolster your insider threat management strategy.

Our Talent

Our trainers possess decades of training experience instructing in both traditional and virtual classroom settings.